Please remind your students that the order turn-in date is next Friday, September 27th by the end of the day.  Please encourage your students to get out there and sell.  Also a reminder
that PTA will take a donation in lieu of the fundraiser selling.


Save These Items for PTA
Several parents and teachers have asked what we save for PTA funding. Here is a list:

Campbells: small labels from the back of the cans. (Not the entire labels as in years ago.) Also, they are on related products such as Franco American and Prego.

Aluminum cans. They can go into the “cage” in the front of the school, near the parking lot.

Milk covers with the 5 cent label on top.

Box Tops: They can be found on many products around your house, including Kleenex, Zip Lock bags, Pop Secret popcorn, etc.

Target “Take Charge of Education”. Designate your Target charge card to give a portion to Dakota Meadows. This does not cost you anything.

HyVee receipts from the Mankato stores, dated from Labor Day through Memorial Day.

Thanks for all your efforts! PTA does so much for our students, so let’s do our part too.
Target “Take Charge of Education”
To designate a school, or to change your school designation, go to
Then go to redcards, listed across the top. Go to the left side.
Here you can designate your school, or change to another school.
If you already have a red card, you can check on how much your designated school has earned.