Below, I have a detailed outline of the format we use to work through a typical chapter.  Most chapters will follow this process:


  • Chapter Pre-Test

  • Guided Notes

  • Extra Practice/Homework

  • Challenge Packets/Challenge Worksheets

  • Chapter Test

  • Chapter Test Retakes


Frequency and Purpose


Chapter Pre-test

Chapter pre-tests are given at the start of each chapter.  These pre-tests are broken into sections, according to the standards taught in that particular chapter. These pre-tests give the students the opportunity to show me what they know about the material we will be covering in that chapter.

Pre-tests will only count toward a student’s grade if they earn 100% on a section within the pre-test.  The student will then automatically earn 100% on that section of the chapter test (subsequently not needing to take that part of the chapter test.)

Guided Notes

These notes will guide the lessons.  At times, these will be completed as a class, in class and at other times, the students will be asked to complete these outside of class.  These can be completed by using the textbook (hard copy, online copy, or soft copy on their ipad) or by watching videos from my website or the Holt website.  

This will be part of the “Homework” category in the grade book. The “Homework” category accounts for 10% of the quarter grade.     


These will not always be graded, but when they are, they will be graded only on completeness and will be worth 2 points. Only 1 point if completed late.  

Extra Practice / Homework

If a student does not earn 100% on a particular section of the pre-test, they will be expected to do the extra practice/homework. This practice is usually comprised of problems in the Holt textbook.  

This will be part of the “Homework” category in the grade book.


These are most often graded, but only on completeness. Worth one point.  Not penalized if completed late.    


*Students who earned 100% on the pre-test section that covered this standard, do not need to do this extra practice and will earn full credit for this assignment in the grade book.  

Challenge Packets / Challenge Worksheets

Pre-Algebra Enriched: This is a packet of challenge worksheets that are given to each student at the beginning of the chapter and are due at the end of the chapter.  The material in the packet corresponds with the material being taught in class.  

Pre-Algebra Standard: For each chapter, there will be challenge worksheets available for the students to do on their own.   

This will make up the “Challenge” category in the grade book and will account for 10% of the quarter grade.  

Pre-Algebra Enriched: These will be graded for accuracy.  

Pre-Algebra Standard: These will be graded on a 0-5 scale based on accuracy. The total challenge points in a quarter will vary depending on the number of chapters covered during that quarter.   

Chapter Test

Most often, there will be one test given at the end of the chapter which covers all of the standards taught within that chapter. Some chapters will have a couple of tests with each of them covering some of the standards within that chapter.  

Chapter tests make up 80% of the quarter grade and will fall under the title “Assessments” in the grade book.

*Students who earned 100% on a pre-test section, automatically earn 100% on that section of the chapter test (subsequently not needing to take that part of the chapter test.)

Chapter Test Retakes

All students will have the opportunity to retake any section of any chapter test as many times as they would like, within the quarter.  Prior to retaking a test section, the student must first complete the “test retake checklist” for that particular section.  These checklists are found on my website.  

Retake scores will replace test scores only if they are greater in value.