Because it can actually make you smarter, reading is power!  To help you capture that power, you are expected to read a book of YOUR choosing every day!  
As a 6th grader, you should expect to read for at least 45 minutes a day.  This time will be broken up throughout your day, making it easier to reach your goal:
  • 10-25 minutes to read in Advisory
  • 10 minutes to read in ELA
  • 20 minutes to read for homework
    • YES, your nightly homework will most often be reading!

How can you be sure you meet your daily goal and grow as a reader and thinker?

  • Keep your book with you ALL the time!  (You never know when you might have a few spare moments to read!)
  • Check out our classroom library!  Some great reads are right in your reach!
  • Get to know Mrs. Healy in our school library!  She's AWESOME at hooking kids up with "that perfect book!"
  • Use the strategies we review in class to help you choose a great book (and to know when to abandon a book)
Why read 20 minutes every night?  
Check this out: